Cherry Almond Smoothie

I love love love the flavours of Cherry Bakewell.  I think I’m going to hand the responsibility of that to my Dad. Cherry and almonds are a match made in heaven  and a flavour combination that is steeped in nostalgia for me. Combining these flavours into a smoothie was a no brainer.


I wanted something fresh but I also wanted something creamy and luxurious. Queue the introduction of cottage cheese. I have had some seriously strange looks when I’ve suggested adding cottage cheese into a smoothie. Trust me on this one it is SO good. If you’re a cheesecake fiend like me then you are going to love it. The cottage cheese has a functional role too in that it adds in protein. Protein which will help with satiety, keeping you feeling fuller for longer.  


If you want to add in some complex carbohydrates, again for satiety and slow release energy, then 2 tablespoons of oats makes a great addition to this or any of my other smoothies

Cherry Almond Smoothie

½ Frozen Banana

½ cup of Frozen Sweet Dark Cherries

⅓ Cup of Low Fat Cottage Cheese

½ tablespoon of Almond Butter

¼ Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

A few drops of Almond Extract

½-1 Cup of Almond Milk or milk of choice

Add all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until everything is combined. I like my smoothies super thick so I start with ½ a cup of milk. You can always add more depending on your own personal preference.

I’ve had good feedback on this one so I’m pretty confident you’re going to like it too. Have a great weekend everyone! x


4 thoughts on “Cherry Almond Smoothie

  1. Aoife Fagan says:

    I’ve made this for breakfast for the past two days. I wish my face fit inside the cup so that I could get every last bit of it!!😋

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